Hyperhidrosis/Excessive Sweating

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy or ETS is a surgical procedure to treat chronic sweating in certain parts of the body, particularly the hands (palmer hyperhidrosis) and feet (plantar hyperhidrosis). ETS surgery is generally only considered once all alternative treatments have been unsuccessful.

Alternative treatments include:

Clinical strength antiperspirants – Regular, liberal application required. Non-invasive.

Prescription antiperspirants – requires a prescription. Regular, liberal application required. Non-invasive.

miraDry™ (for underarm sweating only) – thermal energy targets sweat glands permanently destroying them. Performed with a local anaesthetic. May require two treatments. Temporary pain and swelling. Also approved for underarm odour and hair reduction. For more information on miraDry, please visit https://www.sweatclinic.com.au/.

Botox injections – block the nerve signals to the sweat glands. Treatment is temporary lasting about 6 months. If treating sweating the hands, a large number of injections into the palm and fingers are required which may be unpleasant/painful and can cause temporary numbness and weakness.

Iontophoresis – electrical currents passed over the skin in affected areas. You can get home treatment devices. Cannot use it if you have a pacemaker and caution is advised if there are any metal implants near the treatment area.

More information on ETS surgery performed by Dr Yadav is coming soon.