Valve Procedures

Aortic Valve Surgery (AVR) – Repair/Replacement

Mitral Valve Surgery (MVR) – Repair/Replacement

Tricuspid Valve Surgery (TVR) – Repair/Replacement

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) - provides a minimally invasive treatment for patients who are not candidates for aortic valve replacement through open heart surgery.

- bioprosthetic (tissue) valve

- delivered via catheter

- inserted through a small incision made in the femoral artery in the groin

- valve is positioned in heart

- can be resheathed in catheter to be repositioned before being completely released.

Tissue Valves

Mechanical Valves

EPIC valve

ON-X Valve

Perceval Sutureless Valve

Mosaic Tissue Valve

Trifecta Valve